I don’t seek to change the whole world but I wish to lead a life that is nurturing and respectful to our environment. There are endless ways we can make an impact and hopefully through sharing my journey you can take away some ideas and bring change to your life. We all want to feel happy and happiness stems from feeling healthy; which of course means what we eat matters most. However learning more about the foods we eat, where they are sourced, how they are grown and how their waste can be minimised are equally as important.

Like all journeys through life, this is one that is always evolving. So why share it? It’s simple, to inspire. If I can influence one person to change, then this person may inspire another and so on and so on.

Living in Vancouver, Canada in 2012/13 has inspired a lifetime of change. There is such a huge sustainability movement over there in the community that you feel a little on the outer if you aren’t taking part in it. The balance was firmly shifted to one of sustainable awareness. So there it was, the beginning of a green eating, green living lifestyle for me and my family.

Whilst thinking about what I wanted this blog to become, it made me feel excited, full of positivity and motivation. I thought that if this was enough to motivate me, then perhaps it was enough to motivate others.

I publish wholesome recipes to inspire, growing your own, shopping local, what’s in season and more.

One of the mantras on FOOD I love to follow is this one:


Why is your blog called Greenskis?
My surname is Zielinski which in Polish means ‘greenish’ and associated with growing things. The city of Vancouver, BC inspired a green living philosophy so it made sense to me.

Are you professionally qualified in a health or nutrition field? I am not professionally trained but have taken a great interest very early on in particular elements of nutrition; (influenced by my Mother) after my Father died of a cardiac arrest at 34 years.  I have also had an auto-immune disease throughout my twenties and beat it, or at least put it into a dormant or inactive state for 10 years now! My children are my main motivation now.

Who does the photography on Greenskis?
Most of the time it’s my multi-talented husband who works the camera, and sometimes it’s just me.

Do you feel you lead a happy and healthy lifestyle?
Part of my inspiration to share this blog with others is because being happy and healthy is a daily effort to achieve and a lifelong goal. I believe the food we eat plays a enormous role in our state of mind along with (a little) exercise.

What is always a staple in your household?
Greens! Especially kale and other green vegetables growing in the garden, in the fridge and in our daily meals.

Do your children eat their greens?
Yes, my boys love their greens if they taste delicious. If they are not delicious they don’t eat them!

Hope you enjoy!