March 18, 2015

Why not make a chestnut lasagne for Meat Free Week?

I am considering signing up for Meat Free Week, it’s not too late and although I enjoy meat in our family meals occasionally I am always conscious of the source; a farm with happy animals that are free to roam. I am focused on the environment and eating less meat lessens the impact on our planet’s resources.

Most importantly I aim to provide our family with the healthiest choices for well-being and to allow our young boys the opportunity to taste all the delicious ingredients out there; many of them fruits and vegetables which I love to cook with.

Chestnuts are back in season! I thought I would share this recipe for a chestnut lasagne I created last year as a dozen or so friends and family that tasted it were convinced it was meat! Try it for a change, it takes a little preparation so it is perfect to make ahead and freeze or on the weekend when you may have a little more time.

Here is the Chestnut Lasagne recipe

Chestnut Lasagne



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