February 11, 2015

A cool lunchbox treat for the start of school…

I feel like 2015 is the year of feeling fabulous and really settling into our Orange lifestyle. There are few promising factors contributing to this thought. Our first boy has started school and he is excited and happy to be there, our other little fella is enjoying all the space to grow up in and run around and given we have recently purchased several acres to build our home for the future the open air and land of the country will form many of his fond memories (I’m sure). Of course my plans for some of this land is to grow loads of kale amongst other greens and work towards a self-sustaining garden! My husband has also launched the Central West Institute of Cancer Research this week with the assistance and hard work of a talented and skilled team which I can tell you is no small undertaking! After tireless meetings, conference calls, reports and more meetings CWICR which will provide the community with access to trials who previously might not have been eligible for unless they made the trek to Sydney, Melbourne or even further afar.

With all this inspiration around me, I have also been looking for different ideas to shake up the lunch box like many parents out there as I tune into the rhythm, pace and routine of school life. As I figure that my son will be opening at a lunchbox for a journey of approximately 180 days of school for 13 years, he will probably at some point want some variety in there.

I have been trialing some frozen kale and berry smoothies with both of my boys and they have been a hit so far; a couple of days a week as I don’t want to push it!

Today is an exciting day, as I launch my little shop. As I work towards my goal of living more sustainably, particularly around food I want to ensure that the lunchbox minimizes waste both in the food content and packaging. There a few products to start with that prevent the need to discard packaging for food items and are reusable. You will only find sustainable food products which I believe in myself.

Here is my kale and berry frozen smoothie recipe which is using the smoothie/pop moulds found on my little shop.

Kale and berry frozen smoothies

Kale & Berry frozen smoothies

Fills approximately 8 smoothie pop moulds (or 4 and a couple of glasses for Mum and Dad)


1 cup of almond milk (or substitute with coconut, soy, regular milk)

1.5 cups kale (stems removed and washed)

1.5 cups full blackberries and raspberries (or any selection of berries in season at good prices)

1.5 bananas

3 Tablespoons yoghurt (I prefer to use plain, any will do)

1-2 Tablespoons maple syrup (optional)


1. In a powerful blender (like a vitamix or nutribullet), combine milk and kale until fine.

2. Add remaining ingredients and blend completely until a creamy consistency.

3. Pour into the smoothie pop containers leaving a few centimetres below top and freeze.

Note: If putting into lunchbox, place just before walking out the door and use an insulated cold lunchbox which should mean its the perfect consistency at morning tea time. Tip: Do a practice run at home so your child knows how it all works and remembers to put the lid back on should they not finish it.


Kale & berry frozen smoothies



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